List of Topics Covered

No.Topic NameTopic Length
1Basics of Income Tax53 minutes
2Income Which do not Form Part of Total Income 164 minutes
3Salary17 minutes
4House Property52 minutes
5Profits and Gains From Business and Profession946 minutes
6Capital Gains571 minutes
7Income From Other Sources489 minutes
8Clubbing of Income56 minutes
9Set off and Carry Forward of Losses42 minutes
10Deduction From Gross Total Income320 minutes
11Computation of Total Income and Tax Liability210 minutes
12Assessment of Firms / LLP106 minutes
13Assessment of AOP or BOI 92 minutes
14Assessment of Co-operative Societies58 minutes
15Assessment of Companies347 minutes
16Alternative Minimum Tax [Chapter XII-BA]35 minutes
17Hindu Undivided Family [HUF]49 minutes
18Business Trust69 minutes
19Taxation of Trusts and Institutions407 minutes
20Returns, Assessments, Reassessments, and Rectification507 minutes
21Appeals272 minutes
22Revision by Principle Commissioner or Commissioner94 minutes
23Assessment of Remand24 minutes
24Income Tax Authorities and Their Powers103 minutes
25Assessment in Case of Search or Requisition179 minutes
26Collection and Recovery of Tax58 minutes
27Tax Deduction and Collection at Source665 minutes
28Advance Tax22 minutes
29Interest Payable135 minutes
30Settlement of Cases133 minutes
31Requirement as to Mode of Acceptance of Payment or Repayment55 minutes
32Penalties150 minutes
33Prosecutions17 minutes
34Conversion of Firm into Company47 minutes
35Conversion of Sole Proprietory Business into Company11 minutes
36Amalgamation67 minutes
37Set Off of Loses of a Banking Company against the Profit of a Banking…5 minutes
38Demerger45 minutes
39Amalgamation or Demerger of the Co-operative Banks8 minutes
40Corporatization and Demutualisation of the Stock Exchange14 minutes
41Conversion of Unlisted Company into LLP13 minutes
42Transfer of Assets between Holding and Subsidiary Companies42 minutes
43Slump Sale36 minutes
44Depreciation311 minutes
45Taxability of ESOP26 minutes
46Tax Planning, Tax Avoidance, and Tax Evasion99 minutes
47Tonnage Taxation Scheme72 minutes
48Income Consumption and Disclosure Standards [ICDS]74 minutes
49Liability in Special Cases77 minutes
50Refund28 minutes
51Taxation of Mutual Concerns40 minutes
52Taxation of Subsidies / Grants14 minutes
53Miscellaneous79 minutes
54Taxation of Non-Resident628 minutes
55Double Taxation Relief83 minutes
56Advance Rulings42 minutes
57Transfer Pricing and Other Anti-Avoidance Measures383 minutes
58Taxation of Equalisation Levy46 minutes
59Overview of Model Tax Conventions113 minutes
60Application and Interpretation of Tax Treaties41 minutes
61Fundamentals of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting [BEPS]75 minutes
62General Anti-Avoidance Rules156 minutes
Topic Wise Minutes of Lectures